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Unlimited email addresses for all your domains.

Handle everything in one effortless app.

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Effortless Organization

Use mailboxes on demand. No advanced setup required. Predictably organized by the addresses chosen by you. We'll catch all incoming mail and put it in the right place. Never sift through mail again.

Natural Security

Privacy is priority. No tracking. No ads. Sandboxed. Separate addresses for everything you use helps keep you safe from exploits. Isolate mailboxes to specific senders if you want. You're in control.

Powerfully simple. Clean design.

Made for modern times to meet all your email needs. You know exactly where everything is with TricepMail's intuitive interface.
Mailboxes and welcome message

Privacy is priority. No tracking. No ads. Sandboxed.

Use a different email address everywhere, any time, with no prior setup. Stay safe from prying eyes.
Unlimited mailboxes

Isolate mailboxes to known senders only, or accept any sender.

Use wildcards to accept entire domains. You can also accept mail to known mailboxes only.
Isolated mailboxes

Compromised email address? Block the entire mailbox, or specific senders.

Use wildcards to block entire domains, or maybe it's a throwaway mailbox that you don't care about.
Blocking senders menuBlocking senders globally

Customize each mailbox. Signatures. Rendering. Filtering.

Send from any mailbox at any time, with no prior setup.
Config signature

Superior spam handling. Never miss an important message.

Unverified senders and spam messages are flagged. You decide how it's handled.
Flagged spam

Effortlessly suited to your needs. You're in full control.

Configure globally, per domain, per mailbox, per thread, per message. Inherit from the top down.
Config globallyConfig per

Quickly switch between plain text or HTML, with or without images.

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple, or maybe you want to prevent image tracking.
Render plain textRender html

Refinable search options when you need something specific.

Highlighted search results with isolated threads and mailboxes.

Got domains of your own? Add them with just a couple of clicks.

Manage all your domains in one super-organized place.
Domain menu

Stay notified. Enable per mailbox, per device.

Some mail might be more important to you than others.

Apps available for the Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Use the same app seamlessly across all your devices.
User menu

Lost a device? Use the device manager.

Revoke access for devices that go missing.
Device manager

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  • Receive unlimited messages.
  • Send 2 messages per day,
    10 after verification.
  • 100 MB storage limit,
    after verification.
  • TricepMail signature added to sent messages.

$5 Monthly

  • Pay yearly and get one month free, every year.
  • Receive unlimited messages.
  • Send unlimited messages.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Priority support.
  • We simply ask that you do not abuse our service.

Quick Installation

TricepMail is a progressive web application, which means you can install it instantly and always get the latest updates, fast.

Not sure how to install a PWA? Click here for instructions.
  • Open in any web browser on desktop or mobile which supports PWA installation. Popular browsers include Chrome, Brave, Edge, Samsung, and Mobile Safari.
  • If your browser supports it, click the "Install" option that appears on the right side of your address bar when you load the page. For some mobile browsers (like iOS Safari), there may be an "Add to Homescreen" option to use instead.
  • After installation, you can use TricepMail just like any other app!

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