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TricepMail exists because the status quo wasn't cutting it. From the start, we've always thought outside the box. We don't do things just to do them or because we see others doing them. We often take a step back and look at problems at a higher level, while determining pragmatic but forward-thinking solutions. The best approach is almost always the simplest one.

Living our best lives is top priority. Work should not feel like work. Our "jobs" are a huge part of who we are and should be something we do naturally, something we never have to force ourselves to do. We have goals and general timeframes, but we do not adhere to strict schedules or deadlines. Sleep until you naturally wake up. Hit the gym or go for a walk or a bike ride or whatever, whenever you feel like it. Do whatever you need to do. Maintaining good health, both physical and mental, is the key to a good life, and it is reflected in your day-to-day accomplishments.

We value integrity and doing the right thing. We will never compromise on these values. No dark patterns. No evil. Our users are not something to be exploited. This is a high trust environment, all around.

We are fully remote with competitive pay, equity, and benefits, including gym memberships, fitness classes, and paid time off. Working at TricepMail is an opportunity to thrive.

Like everything else that we do, our interview process is highly practical. We aren't going to waste time with irrelevant repetitive questions and whiteboard interviews. We're looking for innovative, independent thinkers, not just another cog in a machine.

Interested? Check out some of our positions below. If you really want to join the team and would like to do something that isn't listed, send us an email at

UI/UX Designer

We're looking for people with a knack for clean, simple, intuitive designs. Separate the necessary from the unnecessary while keeping it aesthetic. Experience designing both desktop and mobile applications is expected. Knowledge of things like CSS breakpoints as well as the limitations and quirks of various platforms is a huge plus.

Interested? Let's talk! Send us an email at

Fullstack Developer

The tech industry evolves quickly. We're looking for people who evolve with it, without being distracted by every shiny new thing that pops up. We like to keep the stack simple, using tried and true technologies, while ensuring flexibility and easy maintenance/upgrades in the long term, when necessary. You're the glue between our frontend and backend engineers. Sometimes you'll write code. Sometimes you'll ask them to handle it. Whatever makes the most sense at the time. Our full stack is entirely modern JavaScript, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, Heroku, React, Styled Components, Netlify, and Cordova.

Interested? Let's talk! Send us an email at

Frontend Engineer

We're looking for people proficient in React and modern JavaScript, who can implement efficient, pixel perfect designs that are easy to maintain. You'll talk with our UI/UX designer often, and you should understand how users naturally interact with both desktop and mobile applications. Experience with hooks, Styled Components, and accessibility is a huge plus.

Interested? Let's talk! Send us an email at

Backend Engineer

We're looking for people who know what it takes to scale up a backend to meet any demand. You should know where to find security holes and how to prevent them from being exploited. You will often work autonomously, occasionally implementing API endpoints requested by our frontend engineers. We like to keep things as simple as possible, with the fewest moving pieces. Our backend consists entirely of modern JavaScript, Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL, deployed to Heroku. Experience with SMTP, IMAP, and anything else related to email is a huge plus.

Interested? Let's talk! Send us an email at

Brand / Marketing Director

We're looking for people with a knack for brand development and getting people interested. We aim to change the way everyone thinks about email and electronic communication, setting a new standard for privacy and ease-of-use. You'll manage the entire marketing process, from research and planning to execution and analysis. You should be able to make effective use of budgets to grow a target market share. You'll occasionally work with our UI/UX designers and/or frontend engineers to increase user engagement. Experience with social media growth and understanding some of the more technical aspects of the process is a huge plus.

Interested? Let's talk! Send us an email at

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